Saturday, March 21, 2009

STUDY >___>

Ohkay so this pic TOTALLY isn't mine but she's hot ye?
I've just realised that whereas jamie always puts up chick pics i tend to post guy pics and nature stuff. Allie says i'm turning Romantic =3= So here's a chick pic and damn i think she's hot!
this is actually a model picture for an online clothes site:
So yea, check it out if you're bored or procrastinating :)

Today i got a hair-cut; trimmed the fringe and the hair so difference~ Have yet to study hardcore today and considering my lazyness/tiredness it's doubtful that i'll study at all.

Thursday was extension 2 day :) very insightful! Ms asked us what is the best thing about ext 2? What is one of the -ve things about ext 2? individually to everyone and it was a very fuzzy, relaxing moment. *hence the loud laughter and talking jamie! After that we all talked about our progress and i've decided to change my idea. It's more promising and interesting to me now!

Unfortunately stayed up late that night, didn't get much done except some bio/ag notes. (almost finished AG notes! YAY!) and cooked brownies for my AWESOME AG CLASS! So come friday was very sleepy, tired and less than energetic. And Helene is such a dear <3 asked me if i was feeling ohkay cause i looked a little pale XD she's so sweet! and smart! and awesome! :) That morning caught up with Ann and then Kritika came along and Himakshi and eventually everyone else just joined the table :D Talked to Lawerence...first time in a LONG LONG time. *since last year -_-? anyways so apparently he's NOT getting a Wii but a NDS *__* oh least it comes in colours :)

Friday got our formal notes and stuff on an AG seminar at KINGS school >_< mum says i can go :) And awww Kritika is so cute! She was all flustered in maths and AG! haha i've just realised how much we gossip during maths *0* LOL.
Geoff came late so by the time he came, all the brownies were eaten courtesy of Sir, Pat, Kritika, Lei, Vicky, Abhi and Jamie <3 I'm glad you like my brownies so much! hehe~ Vicky's so funny when she eats them!

OH and awesomely met up with Melina and Miranda in the morning :) Seems that all of us (sans Melina) are going UMAT tutor so it'll be fun! Plus more people to ask about the umat stuff! Supposedly they're studying in library today..but i cbb to go =_=

Last weekend went Wenona Private School in NS for extension seminar. Fun and insightful. Sukhi's looking into writing courses...i'll expand the reading resources for everyone. I may not drop after all.

P.S. if anyone can help with extensive notes on bio dot points it would be extremely helpful! esp. stuff on Darwin-Wallace evolution theories and evidences. In exchange i can help w/ AG, Chem and english (W;t VS Donne) but i don't guarrantee anything :)

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