Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ohkay so this'll be a quickie!


If you seriously cannot be FCKED, go to the LAST LINK cause MAN SHE IS SO PRETTY! :0

Here's a preview (which i totally shouldnt be posting but yea, not mine credits to blackmage9 and the photographer- which i can't remember):
And they're philo...GAWD so pretty! (apparently they're really famous? in Phillo~ and do all these photoshoots and are models and stuff.) Totally jealous and in mind-blowing ADMIRATION! If only they were cosplayers here~~

I've been browsing cosplay pictures for over an hour (i got addicted T___T) and they're one of the best so far (if you can be bothered check out behindinfinity <--- there's alot! and the Naruto ones are #__# just THAT awesome!) so i decided to share.

Oh and also! Daryl tried out for BBall today and we (Vicky, me, Belinda and Irvin) cheered him on ^^ YOU ARE AWESOME DUDE! :)

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