Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I absolutely adore photography.

This is a post to make up for my absence on Saturday :) when i was actually STUDYING!

Ohkay so the weekend wasn't too bad. Since Caroline got her license, she drove places (i.e. City). Actually on Saturday i worked and started reading Snow Falling on Cedars because Daryl said it was really good. And i TOTALLY AGREE!! I love the fact that it's not a linear structured story and the originality in not only the structure but the language and technique...it's awesome! :) and to Vicky sorry if i offended you when i was defending the book!! (i tend to go a bit overboard when defending my opinions LOL) I'm currently on chapter 12-13 so still two-ish more chapters to go until half-way~

Sunday- Caroline drove us to Stratty so i could do my grocery shopping and sate my craving for rice cake sticks and kim bap, jap chae, etc. Bought a few things (which have mostly been eaten already...in the span of TWO DAYS ><) and lunch cost about $30? It was quite nice. Then went to Poni's but couldn't get back the stuff cause she had to go training :/ Bummed at Hurstville followed by a trip to Maroubra (?) to drop thingo off and then home :) Got back around 6? Relaxing and peaceful-ish :D

Monday i got the book i ordered XD the short stories are absolutely divine and to be expected from MR TALENTED! :) I wish he'd release another english release! I finished reading it today and got totally stuck into it. I love his works <3!>

Today got english back and my mark was so-so :) She is a very lenient marker...i doubt my response was even worth a 10. Seriously. I was able to sketch the second derivative ALL BY MYSELF today so i'm very proud! Considering my graphing skills are SHIT and i wasn't paying any attention in class yesterday! I have found out that Bio exam actually has parts 1&2 of Blueprint of Life and thus, am screwed :(

I was browing through deviantart and OMGOSH frikin chick is drawn with like HUGOMONGOUS booobs..like HOLY FCKIN SHEIT MAN! 0_0

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