Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I shall edit with a decent picture later :)

Today i stayed back home. Since yesterday i was so tired and ugh.. i decided to rest it out~ I'm better now. I can sing-ish and i dont have BIG SNIFFLE/SNEEZE runs.
So it all worked out.

Also made brownies as promised ;D

Caroline gave me a lecture cause i told her its not for her when she goes "eww did you even cook it?" and tried to eat one. Like FCKING HELL man, she full FRKN said my brownies were SHIT and then she goes to eat one and when i tell her NO she goes pissed as hell? FCKING NOT HAPPY. and then she goes "you know whenever i cook something i always let you guys have some" like WTF?! i didnt COOK IT FOR MYSELF so PISS OFF. omguh.
Both have been pissing me off. One tells me off for being so goddamn slow when its only FCKING 7AM and then full looks down on me and shiet. The other expects everything.


hah, that's my life. GAY isn't it?
Also finished 5 chemistry dot points today :) am now working on Ext 2 hw~
So i feel accomplished because i managed to do a few things from my post-it for the day.

POST-IT: 4th March 09:
1. Make Brownies
2. Do outline for Ext 2
3. Do chemistry
4. Catch up on Bio
5. Read textbook.

I'd really like to drop out/fly over HSC and be in UNI already, get a decent job, move out but occasionally stay home on weekends, hone my cooking skills, write a novel, travel the world (Asia first though), live life.
But instead i'm studying, stressing, money-less, stupid, gay and totally not fulfilled.

I'm determined to go Strathfield this weekend, possibly also to the State library and go the internet cafe and download crap. Seriously it would totally make me happy x 100000.

I think i'll make some thai salad tomorrow *yummy*.
Do you guys want sushi? Maybe ill make some and bring it to school? (i have leftover sushi rice from making rice balls..) I'm in a cooking mood :D

I think i'll die from over-dose on instant foods. What a way to die hey? HAH

Our ability to selectively engage and disengage our moral standards helps explain how people can be barbarically cruel in one moment and compassionate in the next. –Albert Bandera

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