Friday, March 27, 2009


Isn't he just smoking sexy? :D
Ohkay so weekly update! ;) Monday was uneventful as ever. Woke up feeling like s@#! and then got to school did work and crap and work and then some. Finished AG notes and stuff.
**as of now still working on my bio notes D; I think i'm going to fail hardcore T_T
Tuesday didn't go school :D Mum let me stay at home! Caught up a bit on bio (5 pages of notes and stuff) and basically got some rest and relaxation going on~ Last day was Wednesday, got crap done and yea.
Thursday went with Caroline to Cabramatta to pick up her textbook. The place was like full of little asian kids from mac fields and hurlstone and stuff D: they should be at home! Bunch of lebs there too *_* Walked around afterwards and bought some dimsims (frozen and ready-to-eat), that skewer thing, two pandan waffles and a sugar cane drink :D Yummm! missed cabra food! It started pouring full-on then stopped after what? 10 minutes? super ghey bro.
Anyways this past week been feeling UBER icky and yucky with stomach pains :( Also been sleeping through dinner repeatedly....since monday/tuesday this week? bleh. screws up my internal clock man ><"
Today had agriculture exam and it was ohkay not super easy or uber hard just mehhhh~ BUT! i think i failed. so yeah...hopefully don't fail too bad :X
Have to study for english now D:
OH and BVLGARI has this really nice new perfume out. i can't remember what it's called but it has something to do with green tea, jade and exotic? It smells awesome. Another one that just smells UBERTASTIC is juicy couture's new fragrance. Ahhh it's so nice :)
Today bought PIZZA HUT PASTA (the one with meatballs) and garlic bread so it tasted awesome. Read W;t again and have a few solid connections between Donne and Vivian and the other characters. I want to buy a dress...and nice heels and a pair of flats (pretty ones that don't hurt/rub against your feet and don't make it look like you got duck feet) and a belt. AND A WHOLE LOT OF KOREAN CDS! D:
***but i need money first.

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