Saturday, February 07, 2009

yea yea...

I know i said i only post once a week but yea...couldnt help it.

First thing of issue:
People always linger about highschool and proclaim the 'best friend forever' crap. You always have this dream that no matter if you go to separate unis and separate courses and new lives you'll stay in touch- always.... MY QUESTION IS: Do you guys really think you'll be as close as you are now? Do you think that the friends you made in highschool; be it this year or last year will still have that same place in your heart after all the trials of uni, jobs and work?
***I was catching up reading on some ppls blogs and i was reminded of what my parents always told me: "Your friends in highschool won't last forever- its the friends you make in uni that stay." And i guess that's right for them, i mean all of our family friends that live in Malaysia, Ashfield, North Sydney, Milperra, etc. all used to go to Sydney University and that's how they all met my parents.

Second thing of issue:
I admit, Tokyopop translates some awesome manga, they promote accordingly for some titles BUT THEY HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!!! So first comes some extra "limited edition" 3vol. in one FCKING HUGE BOOK for those really popular OVER ADVERTISED manga series (i.e. Fruits Basket). Then came the stupid stupid FCKING RIDICULOUS multiple merchandise and (ugly) continued manga adaptations and WTF music videos of Princess Ai, then they decide to FCKING CUT various manga titles that aren't even half-way through translated (i.e. Lagoon Engine) add to THAT, is the fact that they don't freaking release another volume of the series until fcking HALF A FCKING YEAR HAS FCKING PASSED!!! LIKE WHAT THE BLOODY FCK?! And NOW they're making a Domo-kun manga....i read it and OH MY GOSH like WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT?! I mean i like Domo-kun but seriously, they're going to KILL it's value to me like it did to me for Fruits Basket - seriously, i can't even bare to LOOK at anything related to the series anymore.
****at least Shounen Jump releases at least every 2 months, serialized Shoujo and shounen beat respectively at a mere price of $12-15 for each mag AND their manga doesn't go up much in price and stays between $10-14 :) They translate alot of good manga too! Viz too..

I've rediscovered my love for anime....soooo not the right time to be obsessing :D
OMG I LOST KIDDY GRADE!!! I THINK ILL DIE!!! ...unless i get the BB thingo before then MWAHAHAHAHA :)

OH and so to all the girls/metro guys out you think i should:
1. buy myself a pair of yellow jeans
2. buy an orange (AWESOME) and blue (BANC) shirt for$35, OR
3. go to cty and buy some ZY/Stussy stuff on sale? in desperate need of more colour...and am having a hard time between choosing to buy shirts or jeans or just forgoing it all to save up for a DREAM trip to Korea/Japan :)
and im oh so tempted to get that orange DUNK shirt and the blue BANC shirt (worn by Seungri and celebrities like Hyori, etc. respectively.....*sigh*

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