Friday, February 13, 2009


At least over 180 deaths.

Ohkay, yesterday was swimming carnival for yrs 9-12 :) Fun fun~! Me and Jamie dressed up as the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, wore the tail, ears and drew some whiskers and a nose :D

It was better than last year due to the fact that:
1. i am more sociable/sociably accepted
2. i know more people in my grade
3. i participated

Many pictures were taken curtesy of Jamie and Irvin so go check out their FACEBOOK if interested.

Ext 2 has gotten better. Am now at the stage where i am starting to actually form my story into words and stuff :) I'm quite anticipated and quite fed up with all this "research, research, record, develop, think, write, research, write, etc..." crap. It's kinda BLERGHHH! :(
Angela did her ext 1 seminar and its like...UBER PRO. I am officially totally going to get C or lower or FAIL. *sigh* am preparing myself for the inevitable. It also doesnt help that i think i'm pretty shitty @ all my subjects and hence it is proven through dismal results :D

On Tuesday, we dissected kidneys in Biology. Khoi was 0__0 and so were Vicky and Sunny LOL. So i got to cut it but Sunny got over the whole 0_0 thing enough to help me and play with the kidney :) I made a kidney butterfly- so COOL XD

Today despite the hilarious actions of the singagram group it was pretty dismal. I am totally tired and very unsatisfied with ALOT...most regarding myself :/

Got myself yellow pants yesterday and a stripey tee for upcoming autumn/winter :) Sales make me happy and POOR. =3=" Thanks everyone for the positive comments on my blue pants yesterday ^/////^

Must insert quotes to seminar, read and take notes on related text (novel), do all my homework and start AOS assessment. *sigh*

I miss Peony, Lien, Jess, Elie, Amanda, etc.....& Melina B, Miranda, Tina, Aibelle, Caajal, Viv, Pooja, Alex, etc...& sleeping in and eating all day and watching TV :(

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