Friday, February 06, 2009


Well, here's my weekly blog post. Since normally i can't be f*cked to write everyday anymore cause it doesnt seem like there's a need you know? Anyways if i feel something awesome happened/is happening then i'll blog it through the week otherwise im just gonna blog like every Friday night/Saturday :)

So Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday invited ALL-NIGHTERS everyday because of:
1. Chemistry
2. Extension english (1 and 2)
3. My unlimited capacity for procrastination

So..i've finally partially completed everything (: Now just have to hand in my ext 2 journal by Tuesday and fix up my speech and complete chemistry wrkshts and look over all my notes.

And this shiet shouldnt take too long :D

Thus, as a result of the constant stress and over-eating and late/early nights (1-2+am) i've just woken up from my nap (actually i woke up an hour ago...) which was quite REJUVENATING! :P

On another note, my puppy baobei gets her stitches out tomorrow!

Oh and was talking to thingo and all of you lazy smart-asses (XD) reading this YOU GUYS SHOULD TOTALLY GO TO THE SWIMMING CARNIVAL!!! Because seriously this is going to be your LAST ONE EVER and it wouldn't kill your brain cells to actually show some LAST MINUTE school spirit or whatever. I'm hoping at least some of you guys will come other wise me dressing up is totally not worth SHIET D:! Plus i wont have no company since i'm obligated to go because the thing falls on a Thursday and since its on school grounds i'm forced to go to offline ext 2 eng staright after. Seriously, being alone during a swimming carnival is not fun!

You're also NOT OBLIGATED to dress up ohkay? So just rock up in some old stuff and no one CARES only those house captain people will and thats only cause they want more points. Don't stress.
NB: i got a bunny tail today hahahhaha~ now just need the ears....

I've also taken up the habit of staying after school just a little bit so i can catch the train with Ariel :) aren't i just awesome? But its very discouraging sometimes- the library has taken to closing earlier on Fridays and because of shiet technology connection it's been randomly closed staright after school finishes so i have to like either:

1. sit outside
2. relent and go to the station and wait 30-45mins

and for the many people wandering why i don't just go home and stop fcking complaining, i dont get picked up from C-town station til 4pm thankyouverymuch. Catching the earlier train means that i have to wait under a FLIMSY BUS SHELTER with 100% sun and heat exposure. So which do YOU think is a better option?

Anyways on the plus side, staying after school gives me a small opening of socialisation sometimes. On Tuesday? caught up with kim :) ahh she's so sweet :3 we ended up talking about all sorts of stuff esp HSC and unis. My mum told me about NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY which accepts people based not only on UAI but also only after (no matter the course you choose to do) interviews, consideration of community service and school contribution(meaning leadership positions, fundraising, etc.), consideration of Yr11&12 school reports and yea. Some shiet about having not only smart but also good students. I think it's kinda OVER THE TOP but i guess it helps in wringing out the 'bad seeds' XDD
***i also think its complete bullshit but whatever

Bio rank and math and english rank. AWESOME bio rank, mediocre eng rank and utterly disgraceful math rank. *sigh* Not as bad as my chem rank though.

I'm thinking of doing some volunteering stuff but there aren't many oppurtunities. Also wanting to get a job (probably not til after HSC though plus there's the recession) and maybe dabble in community service...don't ask me why i just want to i guess :) OR i'll join a club thing :/

Signed up @ school for buddy up program, optometry seminar and events management seminar lets see where the road will take us...:)

****Here's something for those of you who wonder why i LOVE BB so much. One of the reasons is their lyrics..

Wonderful by BIGBANG

[GD] 2008, we’re back(woo) it’s all about you sweetie

it’s so hip

to get a lil something like this y’all

let’s go BIG BANG second round

Chorus:why are you being so shy, don’t be afraid and come closer

you’re wonderful (you make me crazy)

i can feel something special from you, tell me (what it is)

you’re wonderful (talk to me baby)

[SR/DS] sometimes it’s hard, feel tired, fight occasionally, feel hatred

[YB] but know this, believe that you are the only one you’re wonderful (you’re so amazing)

[GD] ma ma girl yo love you are a home-run, you’re out of this world (strike)

don’t be sad, don’t be afraid, leave everything to me

i will be next to you always [YB] (i will protect you)

i will fill your side you’re my my my my girl i’ll be your man

[TOP] i will protect your happiness and sadness, i will only deliver warmness

i am a strong mazinger who is always next to you

people are jealous of us, maybe that is making you more afraid

don’t worry about it now, you just need to think cool i don’t care(T/N: mazinger is a japanese robot. silly GD)

[SR] (if you are alone) if you are same as me

[YB] (if you want) i will be your friend

[SR] (if this night feels long) if you need me

[YB] don’t hesitate and come to me i need you right now

Repeat Chorus

[TOP] yo yo honey honey have some confidence

why are you being furtive like a fool; why do you become so small like others

don’t be shy about light skinship on the street

girl you are different, you know i want you, so i am more attracted (to you)

[GD] i scream on the rooftop, i draw you so the night sky can be filledmy heart beats again from the thought of you, a song reminding me of you locks me in a fantasyhigh high not too fast high high not too muchhigh high we so fly alright nothing can be better than this

[SR] (if you are alone) if you are same as me

[DS] (if you want) i will be your friend

[SR] (if this night feels long) if you need me

[DS] don’t hesitate and come to be i need you right now baby

Repeat Chorus

you & me everybody to the top go go, you & me everyone follow go go

you & me everybody go go go, you’re wonderful (big bang big bang)

**Credits to

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