Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stress free holidays....for now :)

There's something weird going on with the
NO WORRIES. I fixed it =__="
So i've been catching up with manga (catching up: relentless downloading proceeding to early morning leading to sleep deprivation and abnormal sleeping patterns). BEAUTY POP finished a while ago~ VERY NICE! :D Go! Shoo! *slaps everyone into the distance* Read it peoples!
The DOGS series is ohhhhkaaaaaaaaay~ meh. It's appealing I guess bt a bit #_#. Loving the VIOLENCE and 'bullets and carnage' to the max! *especially the part where he bites the guys skin off...LOL.
But have lately (read: last night) been obsessing over the really cool/awesome manga KUROSHITSUJI (Black Butler). Highly recommended to women who don't mind blood (read: gallons) appearing throughout hehe! Plus! It helps that Ciel is just TOO CUTE! The art is beautiful too.
Also if anyone still hasnt heeded my recs, read AIRGEAR! ***note: catered for boy's 'interests' LOL.
Oh and YAY! I caught up to D.GRAY-MAN and I've nearly finished POSSESSION!!!! XDDDD (like totally awesome storyline and ahhhhh~ so suspenseful!)

Oh yea and HAPPY BELATED NEW YEARS! The family (sans Caroline) went to D.H. and watched the awesome fireworks! (there were 2: 9pm and 12pm/midnight) It was really pretty and i wore my pretty new boots out! :D So many asians out...and like Ariel said; all the guys look the same- same hair, same build, same height, same geeze =__=

AND! I've just remembered that the swimming carnival costume theme is ALICE IN WONDERLAND! (wait! am i even allowed to tell you peoples? haha *shhhh*) and I've decided I wanna dress up as a rabbit!!! (like the Rabbit who runs around all the time and stuff) OR if there's a Bodyline group order for Sydney soon then i might partake and buy a loli dress :)

I need want to update my wardrobe :/ Cause all my clothes are getting small?...plain in my eyes...maybe I'll get a new top and something cause I'm not gonna buy so much that i get broke/wardrobe overstuffed. Yes, i have self control. Aren't you guys proud? x)

I'm officially psyched up for finishing all the english shiet over the holidays. Seriously, i'm getting headaches just thinking about it all. It keeps coming back to me when i'm about to SLEEP too and it just leads to prominent insomnia....and migranes! F*** ROMANTICISM. :(

Chinese New Year: January 26th/ Australia Day 2009

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