Thursday, January 08, 2009


As the title says: BE PROUD! because i've motivated myself!
On Sunday last week i finished POSSESSION :) i'm 3/4 through NORTHANGER ABBEY and I'm about a 1/4 through THE BOOK THIEF XD [first two for ext english 1 and the third for ext english 2 researh] Aren't you guys proud? Havent started belonging study folder yet though or any practise papers. Havent touched chemistry, biology, maths or agriculture either- like; FOR SHAME *bashes head against wall*.
I still have to do both ext english 1 & 2 seminars as well which are due like...2nd week back T____T
And I havent been out in OVER TWO WEEKS!!!! (not really but you know what i mean). Maybe I'll go state library tomorrow and then pig out on krn food and go kae and shop....hrrrm?
This past week has just been work, work, work =___=" And then Eugene came and dragged me to the shop at friggin 1030AM! SO EARLY! (last night i stayed up till 3-4am watching My name is Kim Sam Soon~~~) yea...
Got paid today though :) I now have $$$100+ :D
Apparently only Maltease terriers get Cushions Disease which causes all these really BAD symptoms and death and mum was compounding the medicine for the disease and the medicine chemical is so TOXIC that if you breathe it in and you're pregnant it causes an abortion. 0_0 Then she proceeded to wear her big pharmacy/doctor white coat and a hair net (LOL) and her face mask and gloves XD


BB's new-ish MV's are out! Go watch Strong Baby cause Seungri is so HOT! and Remember cause its so CUTE! and Daesung is just....heart-melting~ XD *drooooooooooooool*

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