Tuesday, January 13, 2009

and so it begins....

Hey guys, click the picture to go to the official site and watch the trailer if you havent seen it (:
Mum got free ticket vouchers so we (me, Caroline, Ariel, Eugene) went to watch this FANTASTICALLY AWESOME movie. I really reccomend you all to watch it. Very nice~
Eagerly awaiting the showcasing of 17 again which stars *LOVELOVE* Mathew Perry!!!! as well as Zac Efron (but meh i'm more interested in the story line) and the previews said it releases January but actually it doesnt come out til April. STUPID AMERICA.
I finally finished reading Northanger Abbey, the ending is so terribly anti-climatic that i feel quite ashamed in putting it off for so long. Plus i can't believe the 'complication' of the story was so briefly addressed. IM VERY PUT OFF!
Today, peeps we (Ariel, mum, dad, me and Kieran) went out to BANKSTOWN and had yumcha~ :D instead of just me, mum and dad going down to COCKINGTON GREEN for the day. After we went to centro to get Ariel's new-style (which looks absolutely UGLY and the material is gross for a sport uniform) sport shorts for school. BUT! we were like fully wondering around (like WTF KINDA MALL HAS FCKING IMITATION BUNGEE JUMPING IN THE MIDDLE OF TWO ESCALATORS [my bad; travelators...no comment], A FRICKING FOOD COURT AND A FRUIT STORE?! WTF?!) and couldnt remember how to get to LOWES and so mum asked this janitor guy and yea~ **unfortunately because of my inexperience with centro (i always get lost =_=) wasn't able to figure out where Boost or anything of the sort was either...
we got the uniform (OMG in LOWES they have guy undies labelled as underjackets -or something lame like that. :0) went MYER for a bit (i really quite like the brand REVIEW). Then went to Parramatta (or however you spell it) to check out the Max Brenner place. Got an Italian hot chocolate thingo and OMGOSH sooooooo chocolatey! really thick and totally for the inner chocoholic! Had to get a glass of water to thin out the chocolate flavour in my mouth (gulp of chocolate, sip of water, gulp of chocolate, gulp of water, etc.) it was pretty cool. Unfortunately i havent got much money to spare (its going in the BANK dammit!) so i wasn't able to splurge on the "NOTHING OVER $10" sales T^T

Yesterday also went cty with Caroline, Eugene and Ariel. Had lunch @ WORLD SQUARE in some viet restaurant that wasn't as good as Bankstown D: and yea....wasnt as cheap either =_= we then went Kareoke at SHOW because i was allowed to redeem my ONE HOUR FREE thingo so went kae for 2 hours @ the price of one! ($15 for two hours for 4 people! SCORE!) and they finally UPDATED! so all the new BB songs are there like the awesome Strong Baby (승리솔로), which of course we sang~! Walked around a bunch and Caroline got a pair of ECKO RED shoes that were on SALE for $40 frikin bucks :D like BARGAIN!!! after that went NORITA played UNO (loser gets hit by everyone ^^)had some snacks and stuff and then left when Tuyen and Roberta (Caroline&Eugene's friends came). After that we split and me, Caroline and Ariel went to browse for clothes and stuff. I got 3 for $10 undies! :D they're realllly cute too!

On the weekend the whole family and eugene went BIRKENHEAD POINT to check out the Alannah Hill factory stores. Specials were really $$$$ :D but i am not rich! So yea. Not much else was there~ Got to wear my high heels and new skirt :) After, around dinner time we went to this really AWESOME malay restaurant/cafe in Ultimo and had yummy yummy delicious food :D Then walked around cty (damn high heels rubbed against back of my foot and caused skin to rub off ><Caroline and thingo got couple shirts ('king' and 'queen') to which my dad is like "HAHAHAHAHA are you srs? how much you pay for that?" (wells not exactly like that but you know what i mean ^^). And then when we were walking to the car my mum had to sit down adn she's full like "PAIN PAIN! CRAMP! CRAMP!" and it was really funny cause like my dad then has to sit down and massage her foot :D (exactly like Caroline and Eugene LOL).

and now i CRAVE malay food every night because man...my taste buds miss it bad! >(
and gosh, Ariel gets really annoying when we go out as a family, cause she's always like "can we go home yet? can we go home yet? every single fcking minute until she ends up buying something (dad buys her something) then she starts all over again. FCKING ANNOYING! Happened when we went to watch NYE fireworks, when we went cty, when we went birkenhead, when we went parra...GAWD!

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