Sunday, December 28, 2008


^ I made three plates of onigiri on Friday and two plates on Wednesday. And it only took me about two-three hours? fun fun~
Anyways CHRISTMAS was fun~ i got a pretty white bag from Eugene, Books (The Book Thief and Tales of Beedle Bard?) & perfume & clothes (really HOT white coat~) from Mum&Dad, awesome GLOOMY BEAR plushie from Caroline and the cutest sheep backpack (which i think i'll use first day back @ school!!!) & (nice) smelly body lotion from Ariel. :)
Also got chocolates and $$$ (of course hehe) and a BORDERS voucher.
Went to Nanny&Poppy's as always for Christmas Lunch. It was delicious- as always :D
This year didnt go fufu's or Aunty's place for dinner~
BOXING DAY had peoples over. Just mum's friends from PCCA and work and from around~ Pretty uneventful. Played Tamogotchi Connection 3!!! Which is like a totally AWESOME game! as well as Mario Kart on DS :)
YESTERDAY went shopping. I thought it was a Monday. Like GAWD man...><Saturday like ha ha ha =___= Me & mum went around Pitt St looking at the bargains (there's ALOT! So much CHEAPER!!!! :DDD). And then we went to The Strand cause like...i begged :) and i wanted to find some shoes. Found the ALANNAH HILL store instead!!!! like OMIGAWD!!! It's like elegant LOLITAxOLD ENGLISH style! It's absolutely heaven~ I COMMAND THAT JOANNE GO THERE. Like seriously.
All the stuff there (though on sale) is at least $69 and over for clothes. Accessories are like $39 and over? The quality of the stuff is really worth the price. Silk, Satin - totally worth the wallet-killing prices.
Mum got two cardigans ($198), one had a cherry pattern (UBER CUTE!) and the other had a lacy-ish collar and breads (DOUBLE CUTE! Classic!) and i didnt get to find any shoes :(
TODAY went out shopping again cause mum was like "Do you want your formal dress from there? We should get it while there's sale on." So we went Pitt St again (only with Caroline and Ariel this time). Went around and down PITT ST and Caroline got a hot pair of heels. Then went to ALANNAH HILL again and mum got another cardi (i wish i had enough money) which was only $69!!! cause like it was $169 before- so like $100 off!!! Then Ariel and Caroline went to watch Twilight =___= and me and mum continued shopping. (FYI: my dad was @ Chinatwn).
Walked around and met with dad and by this time i was D<GEORGE ST and i got a pair of comfy flats on SALE for $25!! Then took mum to REGENTS PLAZA(?) and bought a pair of HOT BOOTS! (omfg Joanananna they're like the ones in the KERA mag i showed you!) and then we went down to SUSSEX ST/GOULBURN ST and went into [drama] and mum found some really nice skirts @ 40% off!!!! :D then went HARAJUKU got dazzled and awed by the prices and dresses! after went to a few other stores (like OMFG ALGONQUIN/SHIBUYA SHOP has 50% off!!!) and then BLESS where mum got another sweet cardi to go with the skirt she go (from [drama]) and she bought me a nice sophisticated looking skirt! =F
Met up with Caroline, Eugene & Ariel bought Breadtop and went MC and me and Ariel got HEELS from De Lourve and SAVED $76!!!!
.....will post pics of gorgeous buys later :)
Hope you enjoyed Christmas everyone!

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