Monday, December 01, 2008

Epic Fail

Failed Chemistry. TO THE MAX.
So like forgot how to do the mole question. and spent 5 mins during testing time (before i even started!) wondering what my student number was. i mean OHMYFCKINGGAWSH. and then decided on just writing what i thought wasnt it but sounded right. :/
Anyways so like didnt even finish the last question cause i spent so long on the first few questions. Didnt write a fckin evaluation which was probably oh-i-dont-know 3 marks? @_@
So in retribution of failing chem (and a guarranteed band 3 in the subject) i vow to at least TRY and pawn Ag, Eng, Math, Bio and Ext 2 eng. *sigh*
*on a happier note; i got y topic test back.....quadratics..YUCK but i passed! :) not the best mark but its ohkay for a pass :D add the fact that Quadratics is my worst topic i think i did okay^^ 21/30 bums.
May be going on an excursion to State library. People are psyched. I've been already and i know how it works'd be a bludge. Plus we get to go mufti :)
Have to BUY CHRISTMAS PRESENTS SOON!!!! Can't believe christmas is JUST around the omigot. Anyways i wanna go NORAEBANG this weekend and celebrate my end-of-assessments :) But joananannannana sed she can't come ><. Sunday ppls cause Sarah sed she mite make it on a SUnday :DDDDD
Time to PAWN and study Ag&eng.

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