Wednesday, November 26, 2008

uh huhhhh....

So uhm..skipped out school today because:
1. only has Ag, Eng and free
2. finished at 12 anyways
3. didnt wanna go english :)
meant to finish chem today but i got distracted....went back to sleep til 11am then ate for about 30mins and have been on the computer since LOL im so fat D<
anyways have ACCOMPLISHED stuff too: last night finished all the ph calculations sheets :) and then made a few other origami figures for tomorrow, bought the origami paper ($16) and found all my assessment notifications....
Monday: Chemistry Prac/Research
Tuesday: Agriculture experimental design test
Wednesday: English Comprehension task
Thursday: Maths Test
Friday: Biology Research test & English Ext2 proposal
OH yeah and made awesome jersey names for Vicky: VII QUAY and Khoi: KH(subscript 2)OI and Jamie: JAMASIAN!!! LOL :) but my own one is just boring :P
Tomorrow is MULTICULTURAL DAY so miss out on 4 periods :DDDD but still have ext 2 i think...*sigh*
Origami workshop! Prototyped making a flower, strawberry, rooster, fish and butterfly! :)
ta~ta~~! <3

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