Sunday, November 23, 2008

a party

So i am supposed to be finishing my ASSESSMENTS but i'm not all *sigh*. Thursday and Friday were pretty uneventful. Ext 2 gave me an insight on my very very very MINISCULE progress regarding the proposal. GAWD.
Yesterday went to Allie's birthday party :) FUN FUN! Most hilarious party i've been to all year....(i have only been to 2-5 parties this year LOL) and interesing. HUGS.
Left early at around 8-ish? cause i dont i just DONT SWIM AT ALL.
im pretty confident about the maths task we're gonna have; did the practise test joanne gave me and the one Ms gave us. could do mostly all of it confidently. and that is all that matters :)
Have to pick up my act in english, chemistry and agriculture. I'm hungry ><

i want to buy some loli clothes/dresses/heels/shoes :(

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