Friday, November 28, 2008

deja Vu

So mummy came home with YUMMY HOME-PICKED PEACHES!!!! :) and nectarines too but i LOVE peaches more hahahha :D
has anyone realised i've been blogging on Wednesdays? LOL how ghey...even though Wednesdays are only free-easy day~ #____# Itsh SHOOOOO gay. and kiddies this is what happens when you're in your HSC year and you procrastinate for your first assessment tasks which are more than likely (90% chance) all due in the same time GAWD.
Thank gwashies i've done Bio like....95.97% and AG has been revised and English as well and ive spent the whole last two weeks doing MATHS revision!!!! like im awfully proud of myself! Except my Quadratics is lacking as evidenced in the topic test we had first period this morning. D:
I hope i do ohkay in the EXAM. :(
Hrmmm my blogs have been getting shorter and shorter. Stupid HSC. Oh got like....5 COUPONS FOR BORDERS!!!! and all of them are 30-50% discount guarrantee!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAAAAY~ :DDDD
Multicultural Day was on yesterday (Thursday) and a bit....[MAJORLY] dissapointing. *sigh* i was hoping for AWESOME asian performances and other multi cultural performances. But yea...Kritika did a reallly awesome dance though (with Bhavya, Prithee, Pinita?, Reedy?, Uzma, etc. etc...*) it was KOOL cause the girls danced aweshumely! and their 'sari' s were really COLOURFUL :) *CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP* :DDDD Plus the song was pretty good :/
And Sarah wore a yukata! Very cute! and Helene was really pretty! @@ as was Tram, Ann, Angela, Alex, Lauren and yea :) I was tempted to wear my own yukata but maaaan i didnt wanna carry it ^^
Went shopping last night and bought a pretty dotti dress~ $49 from $69 so BARGAIN!!! :P
SNUCK two boxes of chips into the library hehe! XD

*i can't spell names for crap :(
and i shall continue this later...maybe if im motivated :) hahha
SEEYA guys!

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