Wednesday, October 15, 2008

so like w/e =3=

My only outlet of ranting and confundled thoughts. bah pay no mind to the mindless blabber :)
anyways got my SHIETTY exam marks back.
then went home, slept, watched tv and drowned in artificial life-stories :D
Yesterday i received the order; YAY~! and distributed it out today so if you're expecting something and didnt get informed you better email me :)
Next: BB order .....when i have moolah~

Allie and Angela are so smart and really sweet. Was on the border of moody and calm about my marks and they just stabilised my mood :) so i gotta straighten up now.
Im now hestitant but also amandant to get rid of the ext. math unit.
-i can understand the work if i apply myself....which i am now
-back up just in case
-i HATE early mornings
-math exams SO arent my forte (overstatement)
we'll have to see about my eco exam; if i get below 60% im def. dropping it :)

EXTENSION 2 english is on offline tmrw (3:05-5:00PM) so remember! if anyone tried out/applied foor the subject. Now if i do it i have SIX days of after/before-hours school. GOSH.
SUPERNATURAL season 3 is not as good. a bit disappointing for couple of episodes. Plots dont capture me as much as the others did. and the comedy was there but drifted half way. the whole sam and ruby shiet is annoying. RUBY IS A BIATCH.
Dropped rank for eng, and all other subjects. hopefully a raise but not expected in AG rank. hopefully.
Last Sunday of Hols, went cty with Ariel; Kae, food, caps, shopping, blah. ohkay- refreshing. Bought a new skirt. kinda lolita-ish but only to the extent of 45-50% yea...cant wait til i can get some Algonquins and h.Naoto, SUPERLOVERS, and B.P.N brands. its my dream :)
Poni is back :)
<3 for Melina cause you sure do need it hon :(

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