Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A horribly cliched title i must say.
Reminds me of the SPN episode last night LOL :)
***cant believe i FORGOT it was on until 730 DX

Anyways i've dropped to 2UNIT :D and am the happiest ever~ (regarding maths anyways) plus i dropped economics so thas two subjects taken care of. Ext 1&2 eng are okies but EXT2 is WAY better :)
Its a new-ish era for me! Have been (since beginning of this term) officially up-to-date and even sometimes EARLY with all hw and sheets and stuff :) Haave done ALL the maths exercises we're assigned to do (cause damn differentiation is so frikiin easy i could cry). and Chem is starting to get a bit of sunshine on my side. Bio is unfortunately with some new up-tight-ish teacher who has the most interesting facts! and she bagged out Khoi like 3 times in one lesson HAHAHA :) unfortunately havent done no EXT 1 hw as of yet. All other eng subjects are sailing smoothly (GAWD ENG ADV IS SO BORING). AG is just bludgy.

Today was also Chun and Thang's bdaes which i (unsurprisingly) didnt know until yesterday afternoon/this morning. Their cake was YUMMY~ :) i wish them wishes LOL.
The day was slow and boring. Its so hot nowadays that everything just drags on for so long. Fortunately its EARLY day tomorrow! have to start getting romanticism texts and finish reading POSSESSION and NORTHANGER ABBEY. im really tempted to read WUTHERING HEIGHTS but its not a rec. rrelated text b/c its already on HSC lists for other modules *SIGH*
On the wkend i got SO BORED that i vaccumed the house. the WHOLE FRIKIN HOUSE. farking took me 3+ hours and damn was i tired. Played with the puppies for a while and even brought in the washing, folded the clothes and did all this frikin housework. and i got super bored after that and yea. Totally regret noot gooing to Burwood/Strathfield cause i need to stock on groceries. Am still looking for PANKO BREADCRUMBS for Katsu-don. GOSH.
Nothing much is interesting anymore.

Oh and 'overheard' Soppana say that the MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL thing is on November 27th. joy.

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