Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Anyways.. YES i have started a bit early and written notes for BIO, CHEM and ECO (not finished but at least its a start!) UNFORTUNATELY EXT ENG is TWO HOURS not one, meaning TWO text-type responses; ESSAY & CREATIVE WRITING. yippee =3= though i dont mind the story-writing so long as the stimulus aint shiet. :D
ECO got reduced to 90 MINUTES (1 1/2 hrs) so YAY :)
Main worries: MATH, AG, CHEM
Today was BLAH ._______.
except the balloons were AWESOME~ Joanne is a SWEETIE PIE! she gave me hers when someone cut the balloon off my string T_T i LOVE HER.
She also be my TV/MOVIE is Himakshi~ :D Belinda is the awesome lets-talk-about-korean/asian-stuf buddy :)
Joanne promised me Gossip Girl....hehe rich kids LOL
omguh its 0250 am.
Ohkay.. FAST FORWARD to end of school. Only 3 people from our ext class went to the showcase. Waited 10-15 mins but there wasnt any teacher. Alex, being the sweetie she is, walked up with me to library- everyone was already there. :/
FOOD was plentiful. but yerh i felt bad so i only ate a 1/4 sandwich, snake lolly, strawberry and a piece of cake. Showcase was basically a talk on insight on EXT ENG 2. Sounds really interesting...i think i will do it :) already gots ideas for the major work. Apparently can do Major work through any media! like movie, play, poetry (compilation), etc~
Went grocery shopping, stocked up on pasta goods- ill make some more later in the week.
Got home and then i had a nap til 11-12? ate for an hour....watched drama with mum and dad.
'The Snow Queen' - the guy loooks really good :F anyways im anticipating some kinda medical crisis happening i cant wait!
Studied chem for 2 hours and here i to bed/surf net cause gotta get up at 6 ....:(

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