Monday, September 22, 2008

Pay? *___*

Pay by Wednesday? pretty pretty please? TT_____TT
i dont want to order when the price goes back up!
$20/$21 [bk/dvd]

i need to go internet banking. ugh :/
also i FAILED BIOLOGY. i am OH SO SURE. couldnt remember SHIET and just (as Lei loves saying) WAFFLED ON for the WHOLE exam....practically. i am SCREWED. =3=
MATHS is going to KILL ME. Ms Webber wasnt there could get my RANKING which i REALLY DONT WANT BUT HAVE TO GET ><>
still have to write up english sample i've got a draft which i will type tonight. hopefully it doesnt SUCK as bad as im pretty sure it does DX
so...a recap on past events....
160908: AGRICULTURE = 75% FAIL
170908: ECONOMICS = 70% FAIL
180908: FREE = thank gawd.
190908: EXT ENGLISH 1 = OMIGOUH 69.5% FAIL
220908: BIOLOGY = FAIL

so yerp that pretty much sums it ALLLLLL up :)
i cant wait till this is ALLL over then i have a very RELAXING/GOING OUT holiday and then i shall PUMP up for year 12 and actually put all my heart into it @ various intervals because im a reknown procrastinator and a start-something-never-finish person :)


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