Friday, September 26, 2008


THANKGAWD. can't say i'll miss it .....much :D


i FAILED MATHS. UTTER FAIL. missed out on at least 20+ marks. like omigawd. FCKING RIDICULOUS.
Chemistry was ohkay. First time i actually used the 'backwards' method. where you start with the long-answer questions. cause i had all that water info just swimming through my brain. couldnt figure out the 'write a method of blahblahblah' question. BONKERS.
RANK 19 for ENG EXT. wooooo. TOP HALF!

INFORMAL was last night.
Joanne, Jamie, Vicky, Belinda, Himakshi looked lovely :) wearing makeup 00"
Lei was wearing Leon's jacket so he looked like a dag for a while XD
Khoi was EXTREMELY UNDER-DRESSED! a HOODIE for frikin sakes! @@
Irvin, Daryl, Geoff, Emerson, Sunny dressed normal...well sunny didnt really look any diff to me :/

All the girls were wearing fancy shoes- high-heeled mostly & flats like GAWSH. flattering dresses as well #_#
went for the simple look just a plian dot-dress covered with an enormous Olive green trench coat mummy got me on SALE! :D (like $16-20) so my whole outfit was CHEEEEEEEEEEEEAP! :)
didnt wear makeup. ran out of time, cause i was watching dramas and helping mum in the shop.

Ate TWO lunches, Fried rice (@ 12) and Garlic rice and cubed beef meal(@ 3) :) so i was pretty fuuuuuuuuuuuullll! Took a few photos :D not too many; brushed up on my luvo skills which are still noob! have a pic of me and joanne with blurred looks awesome! the light effect that is :P

Danced for a while and ate on the top deck wherein majority of us had our poor salad blown away ><>stepped on once, hit by accident (Angela is a CRAZY dancer 00") and knocked my shins on the stairs resulting is a few HUMONGOUS bruises DX. The music was CRAP too.

PONI LEAVES TOMORROW. ;_______________;
and omigawsh her tests have barely an hour in between 0_0 i swear that's like TORTURE.
i think i'll get a hair cut.

BTW Lei i kept re-checking my answers for bio. Very tempted to leave but yerh....and the seat was quite comfy harhar XD

OH and DAVID had cake :) got his hair dyed too! (looks like a darker version of Caroline's) I want to dye mine red or with green or blue or purple streaks. but that's if i either get my hair cut (so i can partially spike it) or grow it out (which is unlikely).

SUPERNATURAL seasons 1 & 2, NUMB3RS 1&2 OWNED.

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