Saturday, August 02, 2008


I think my blog is going to die out my Lj :(
anyways THANKYUU LEI! (who helped me find my books and found gothic art for me!)
Although now i have to further research the art...who thought the internet could be so NOT USEFUL?!

Today asked Mandy about the AUS. Westpac comp questions but yerh...she couldnt figre them out either (Qs 26-30) so she's going to aska 4 unit teacher about them....just the help sate my curious nature :) I didnt even answer any of those except 26 and 27.

ANYWAYS. Have started on my presentation for EXT, stories are all done, handout is nearly finished (and the handout is also my kind-pf transcript) as well as layout of presentation! :D Monday all this is due and me and Vicky will FINALLY be doing speeches (me 3rd and Vicky 4th).

Maths ranking was bumped up! XD now im going to start studying for both english, maths, chem, eco exams early. Agriculture and then Biology order of my current standing on those subjects. Though im going to take a week break to catch up in maths and re-do circle geometry excersices and celebrate freedom for a bit before i study like mad.

Started reading Catcher in the Rye on currently half way? It's quite interesting but the main guy kind-of pisses me off. =3= geeez... Next i think ill give a go at Possession or Northanger Abbey so i can get a heads up on Ext eng texts. Cause Ms sed we'll have barely ebough time to properly digest the text in class when we get up to it in Yr12...:(

KOREAN KAE! I'm so owing for a session! Oh and talent quest applications apparently closed on FRIDAY, not efficient enough timing for deciding whether i should enter....pah im such a loser anyways XD

this is a very DEPRESSING year.....and i'm anxiously awaiting for a nice korean and japanese meal....and i can't wait until all this is OVER.

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