Saturday, August 30, 2008


That billionare on HOUSE season one is a FARKING ASSHOLE. i HATE the guy. :(
anyways i am now hooked on HOUSE, not really HOOKED but i do watch it..but i dont get completely captivated so that i watch it non-stop. am waiting to watch SUPERNATURAL season3, NUMB3RS season3 and probably that's it. oh and dont forget the bajillion amount of dramas and asian shiet i might want to watch.

today i lugged around about 2-3kgs of stuff around the city =3=
went to UTS, turns out i read the wrong uni and Maquarie's is in SEPTEMBER and Notre Dame was today. went UTS with Caroline and looked at Business bachelors and IT majors. No psychology there. Had dancing performances, saw some DANCEKOOL people (i think) who were about to dance. unknowns also dancing= very AWESOME. so after that, had to carry around 2kgs of paper leaflets and crap (with drinks) while i walked back to city/central/Haymarket. (carrying three bags by then). Went MG for Ariel's pacer, walked up to DYMOCKS.
Bought CAMBRIDGE: Mathematics 2 Unit ($52.95) accounting for another .5kgs D:
then hauled my ass up to Kino and bought Ariel's manga books. then rushed down to TH, bought a takeaway lunch, train ticket and made it on the train with just a second to spare! (was about to leave in a min)
Caught Granville line.
OH went stratty, grocery shopping :D yumyum~
have to expose dad to yummy rice cakes when i have the time.
stocked up on kimbap, kimchi, ramyun, etc.
Day was ohkay, am extremely tired and love is synonomous with pain. all the more reason to stay away right?

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