Monday, July 07, 2008

so like..yeah

SO....apparently im a shiet-ass friend who doesn't make time for my friends even if i have family commitments and may as a result get in FKING shiet and blah blah and i dont want to go into too much detail but the fact is its been shiet-frikin bothering me since SATURDAY and yersh so far im having a shietty holiday.i cant seem to concentrate at all, i cant even be bothered researching....although i did finish half-way two short stories, ive got an opening for my speech and ive done the cycles and the table of the AG task..and that's it.
Im delaying shop transactions and FARK i dont need this shiet at all. END RANT

ANYWAYS PONI HAS PUPPIES! GYAHAHAHAH. six of them apparently..i cant wait to see! (if i end up going out to..)
Ordered $60 worth clothes from Zipia (this is how i get clothes dearies XD) and got a pretty speckled dress from CCT. Went grocery shopping and bought 5 cans of tuna (5 for $5!!!) and a whole bunch of asian food :)
CANT WAIT to go NORAEBANG and SING MY HEART OUT. (Fly to the Sky, WONDERGIRLS, Super Junior, etc) and hopefully ill make time for Friday^^ (who's going btw?)
*all BB's songs
*Super Junior - Cooking? Cooking! (uriwang)
they're really sweet and heartbreaking~
oh and Epik High's video; BREAKDOWN i just rewatched it ^^ not for the soft-hearted so i dont reccommend it to Jamie, Vicky, Joanne, Irvin, Geoff, Daryl, Emerson, Belinda...basically everyone because you guys are so soft and innocent and probably dont have a single sadistic bone in your body....and you guys probably hate the sight of blood and people beating each other up/getting tortured. XD (yes i've resigned myself to the fact that im a freak)
..i wish i was pretty.....*sigh*

Oh and yesterday was the "first time in 5 months" (as quoted from Sunny) i was online for msn! hahaha

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