Friday, July 18, 2008

pinkberry (:

Did nothing at all yesterday....technically.
Considering i have yet to sleep and it is currently 3.30 AM.
i distinctly remember Belinda asking me what was the latest time i ever had a shower...granted this was waaaay back during term1.
well now my latest time of showering is approx. 3.30 AM.
yes peoples i have just emerged from a beautiful EARLY BIRD morning shower.
Interestingly enough my towel smelt like krispy kreme donuts mmmmm...

Complete UTTER procrastination. Have yet to start on Eng or Ext Eng speeches, seminars, handouts and analysis. Have spent the whole week doing nothing, except on Monday wherein i had my X-rays done and Tuesday which consisting of working :) [wherein i fell asleep from 9-11am due to not sleeping til 4am the night presvious]

SCRUBS is an awesome show.

OH. My beautiful checkered bow tie and grey suspenders have arrived! BEAUTIFUL! :) actually i think i want to wear it to the informal....hrmmm
COSPLAY! PUCHIKO! *______* ...Hana-kimi...
speeches due in week and a half....i wanna dieee......

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