Sunday, July 06, 2008

overdue post ^^

hey sweeties! (to the girls) and hey rocks! (yersh thats to you men haha)
so FRIDAY (cause it's technically 1:34 AM Sunday 06 July) was the LAST day of school and OMGUH THANK GOSH it was cause i SWEAR i was going to collapse from stress if school did not end soon.
Hawaii was a pretty fun trip, the shopping was great (bought 5 new pairs of shoes - 4 sneakers and one pair of flats) and the aquarium and zoo was fun. Didnt go to the beach but i rather walked around Honolulu alot....:D
i havent even told my sister this but whilst i was walking, some guy started talking to me ....very scary...when we shook hands he wouldnt let go and he kept saying all this stuff like "i'm really glad i met you" this REALLY scared me and yes, that is the MAIN reason i didnt venture at the BEACH EVER. (cause he kept saying he was going there...)
i never want to go there again....
Came back and was welcomed with many hugs from everyone (you guys are so sweet!) and then on tuesday was bombarded with two assessment tasks in one go....(maths and chem) which im CONFIDENT i SCREWED UP. because chem, math and eco are my WORST subjects which is sad because they're the subjects that are the highest scaling ones i attend (besides ext eng).
My report was shiet (because it was based on my exam marks only) and i know my parents didnt yell or scream and that's what hurts cause i KNOW they're disappointed and it just makes me feel like ripping myself apart because i deserve it....i dont deserve all this luxury because i don't even pay them back with good grades. Though these past few days of school have been taxing it's been okay because i've become just a wee bit closer to more people.... for example...
this week (as soon as i came back) i saw Anne and Dylan (who i've never had an actual convo with before) and we chatted a bit which was friendly and comfortable....
I hugged Wendy! i've never hugged her before! haha i mean i talk to her alot, i told her shes pretty she asked how my trip was and when i walked forwards to talk more she thought i was gonna hug her and YAY! i got a hug! <3
then friday was by far the best, me and jamie actually worked together on work, i hugged alex and sarah and talked to helene (who is SOOOOO SMART! *0*) sigh... they're so cool. and i asked mister a question! i've never asked a teacher a question before in any of my bad subjects ><
Maths i could actually figure out the proof before he had to explain it for a couple of questions! and i realised he actually knew my name! i always thought he''d hate me cause of my CRAP mark in maths...but he didnt seem to glare at me...i also got a jellybean from this really smart guy called Nick? (thats what i heard Geoff say) and i never even knew that he knew my name!
English was good, had a talk with Himakshi and got a short story done for my journal and sed hi to Lauren (who is so COOL) and sukhi (is that how you spell it?)! Also got to talking to Angela on the train to C-town cause she was watching movies with Ally& co. and i hadnt talked to her in a while and it was fun catching up!
i think i might do something for the talent quest....jamie? vicky? wanna collaborate?

and this is really LONG.....and woah its 1:54AM now....i just found out Tina likes BB so omg i have to meetup with them soon. after ive finished all the research and done half of the seminar and speech...which is all due within the first two-three weeks next term.

ALSO JBM08 deadline for notes is coming up! If you want your notes to be featured first give them NOW or BEGINNING OF TERM3. Ive already started making it...

ANIMANIA 08; im going to ask Nina if shes going (cause i havent seen her in AGES).

OH AND LEE JUN KI NEW DRAMA: Iljimae AIRED MAY 21st IS UPLOADED ON CRUNCHYROLL (first 8 eps all eng subbed). man HES HOT.

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