Saturday, July 12, 2008


  • Bought a PRETTIFOOL choc mousse cake for my MELINA for tomorrow :) ONLY $28!
  • Went to Hurstville westfields for the THIRD TIME (in my whole entire life span XD)
  • Went Hurstville Morning Glory for the SECOND TIME (in my whole entire life span XD)

Got a bone crushing hug from Meme :D which was really sweet...i think she thought i was Ariel, and she gave me a teeeny hug then she saw my face again and she screams my name and i got a HUGE HUG :D

Bonnie was at the restaurant we were eating at for lunch.

Jess Ko was with her mum and sister? at the cafe i was looking (for cake) at and Caroline screamed her name...she didnt hear so this other family was like 0_0 at Caroline and im just =______=" then Jess saw us and yerh :)

...i'm hungry.. and things are all good now. patched and fixed for real now^^

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