Monday, July 28, 2008


Eventually finished speech this morning at 2.30am. Though i didnt sleep til 4 LOL :)
Cut it from 1,800 to 1,200 and now my palm cards has been cut to a mere 792! And when i timed myself it was approximately 5 minutes and 21 seconds. GRANTED, this was read slowly but i must account for stumbling and such during my presentation which im literally jittery with nervousness already...sweat is forming...><>

anyways pretty song: 你到底爱谁 by some chinese guy ^^ (i dwnlded a girl version)
Currently doing Othello for english EWWWWWWW. and omguh my speech has little to NO personal input at all ><>

Went walkies with the chicks, Daryl and Irvin at lunch. Maths was easily endured because damn Khoi makes me LAUGH :D (and vice versa!) On that note...IM SORRY about the UMBRELLA INCIDENT Khoi! it is now erased from my memory along with the maths thingo LOL :)
Talked much to Himakshi, Geoff and Daryl in Eco. Oh and this asian? Kenrick or something looks like Eugene from the side...if i squint....weird. and he seems stupid but yerh i suck at eco :P
Bio was durable, english was......URGH, maths is mentioned as is eco....AG was ohkies :/ Chem was just a prac. boring....#_#
Getting zipia tomorrow. (only $70!! YAY)
OH and some LOSER SENIOR kicked this HUGE FRIKIN PUDDLE AT THE STAIRS WHERE I WAS STANDING!!!! OMFGUH i was gonna go GRAWR but it was raining...and DAMMIT my legs got FRIKIN SOAKED.

oh and peoples skipped morning maths to do english speeches right? Then Mr Dillion was like GRAAAAAWWWWWWR! and full lecturing about how he wouldnt stand for people missing important classes (which are highly beneficial to our assessments) just because they weren't bothered or able to do other subject assessments on time. sigh. but i get what he means :/

What i would give for a peaceful beautiful isolated field to just lie down in and contemplate.....
here's a little know how people always say 'go to your happy place" ? Mine is a beautiful, sunny sunflowerfield filled with miles of healthy tall sunflowers as bright as the sun resting on soft green grass. And im in the middle of it all with my puppies and just's good :)

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