Friday, July 11, 2008

Brown Eyes.

I've just realised how inconvenient my hate for talking on the phone is....surprisingly.
People always wonder and ask me why i hate talking on the phone, simply it's because of the awkward silences that always seem to occur when i talk on the phone with someone. No matter who it is, an awkward silence will occur at least once. It doesn't even matter who i'm talking to, whether i'm close to them or not, it'll always happen. and you know what? that's when i realise i have NOTHING to say and i'm a boring dumbshiet that cant say anything cause im so boring.
and those are thoughts i'd rather avoid you know? So there's my explanation and i hope you guys accept it. and much LOVE to people like Belinda who purposely avoid calling me due to my hate :)

So in reference to the post title; Brown Eyes is a REALLY OLD duo that disbanded around 5+ years back and they're AWESOME in every sense of the word. Their new album was HIGHLY anticipated by probably 99.9% of the whole pipulation of Korea not to mention many asian/euro fans of non-korean descent. PLEASE dont mix these guys to BROWN EYED GIRLS. :)

oh and i've made a bit of progress for the assessments. so far i've got:
  • Questions 1, 2 and half of 3 done! For AGRICULTURE
  • One short story and one in the making for EXT ENG
  • an intro for ENG ADV. speech
  • a bunch of research and websites for BIO
  • NOTHING for Eco

and....that's it hahaha not very productive considering my hermit-like status but im quite proud. Since i've also caught up with watching movies (i survived without TV for two-three months!) and music :) anyways i hope everyone is all well and i hope JOANNE has a GREAT BDAE if i forget to wish you one...which i hope i dont :X

TO all the friends/aquaintances....i can't believe you guys have stuck with me, my moods, my irritating voice, my personality and my anti-socialness. it doesn't matter if its only been a day or a month because i cant believe you'd stick with me. I hope happiness finds you in the future and present, and ill try my best to make that happen.

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