Wednesday, June 25, 2008


yerp like the title says...woah for my 51st POST on BLOGGER since last last year? :)

and i shall be celebrating with a five-day getaway to HAWAII~~~ :)
souveniers NOT guarranteed.

on another note...I PASSED my L's TEST XD
full marks! suck that RTA!
omg and i was full panicing too because the stupid RTA website wouldnt let me download the application form and then the demo tests were all laggy ><"
and omg irvin! you were so RIGHT! all the questions were the SAME! :0

now im sitting at home typing while i should be packing...gotta go airport in half hour ><"
hahah peoples i gots an iTOUCH :)
very pretty but finger-printed everywhere X_X
anyways i spent the whole morning upgrading my programs and stuff to accomodate for the stupid frikin thing so now i get to use it on the plane :)

I WILL MISS: jamie, vicky, daryl, geoff, khoi, belinda, irvin, joanne, emerson, lei, james, angela, himakshi and everyone else in the group/i know XD
will see you in 5-6 days :)

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