Tuesday, June 03, 2008

argh extension :D

So today had extension with cute angela and pretty himakshi :)
I LOVE Mrs Webber (haha not THAT way!) she's cool! and i LOVE the way she teaches us XD
at times she's personal (her opinions) and at other times she's neutral and willing to offer ideas, etc.
She's cool.

anyways OMFG DAESEONG IS MY #1 LOVE! (one of them anyways hahaha)
He's soooooo CUTE! in Naman Barabwa MV and With U and OMG the BB documentary XD
and his voice is like sweeeeeeeet yummy chocolate :D

anyways today in english adv. ms told us to write down 5 morals we hold dear, mine were;
1. Equality
2. Forgive & forget
3. Others not myself
4. Give more, take less
5. An open mind takes you further than a closed one

pretty basic to the point of LAME but they're a few i quite want to abide by for the rest of my life haha~

oh! and back to extension eng, me and angela were talking about multicultural day (i asked her about last year's one) and she told me to perform *____________* like, sing a chinese song LOL im pretty sucky at singing so hahah but i feel hyped to do something that day (apparantly last year her & David choreographed a dance to BoA's Miracle which is AWESOME - the dancing thing).

and im SICK -_______- started on sunday morning at 5am where i couldn't swallow and breathing really hurt my dried up throat. ><

anyways apparantly Irvin really liked my bdae present and im SO HAPPY! X3 he's so cute! (irvin) and so nice^^ im glad i can put a shiney smile on such a cute face! haha
oh and i made Jamie & Khoi & joanne & Belinda & Himakshi & Angela & Vicky & Sunny & Irvin & Kritika laugh today! i feel very accomplished.

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