Thursday, May 15, 2008

blerghhhhhhh :(

Got more marks back. Self esteem has scaled down to below 23%.
Today i learned how to play MAGIC. Lei, me and James (LOL that's his real name!) stayed after school for about 1/2 hr because i always have to wait at the station for an hour anyway so why not wait with friends at school and catch a later train? Learned all about the life point thing and mana selective instants! hahaha

School is seriously DEPRESSING. i really want to skip out on the camp (in mid-june) because im totally re-evaluating my opinions on this school and its population...
James asked me why i cared about the opinions of others ...when you grow up with two sisters that are quite superficial and the rest of your primary school (and previous highschools) are also superficial & judgemental, other people's views and opinions DO matter.

Economics and AG went only for 1/2 hr. haha Anne randomly blurted out the "cute" compliment hahah *_______* she's sweet~

I'm really dreading morning lessons now... the very abysmal mark i got for the maths exam has led me to dread the subject....but i dont want to drop until im 100% sure i can no longer improve... (im at 84% right now). I wish i was smarter and prettier, cool and athletic, tall and fun. Not boring, short, stupid and un-fit.
oh my dad's come home...
and i need to shower~

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