Sunday, April 20, 2008

rattaaaaa ....

okay so i was going to update/post yesterday..and the day before that...and the day before that...heh :)
anyways nothing much happened. excluding meet-ups with friends/buyers and my elaborate procrastination/hibernation intervals.
So the thing im most upset about:

Half yearly's are only a WEEK away and i just can't motivate myself to study AT ALL. i'm terrible and chances are that my examination marks are going to plummet so far down that BAM! next thing you know i'm kicked out cause of my appalling academics marks. sigh.

on another note...have been recently BINGE-photo-taking.
On Thursday the family (excluding caroline of course...) went out for late night shopping. First time i've been out with my new awesome haircut, styled in a quick 5 minutes.
here's a couple of pics my and ariel took :)
OH and some pictures i took of myslef (duhhh) on Friday [Tina's birthday meet-up at M square :D ]
(yesh Ariel IS taller than me. YES i AM fat and UGLY :P )

anyways....enough of the photo binging :D
i've also come to the conclusion that YES i am a romantic....-___-"
meaning i really go "ga-ga" over cute, sweet romantic gestures. ONLY in movies though. I think it's cute for someone to initiate but as i have no experience (and don't EVER intend to) in the LOVE area i'm not sure about those romantic gestures turned onto ME.
[rant] BLAH. I know i'm dumb and stupid, and talentless and anti-social. I'm sorry for rejecting the outings and getting my hair cut without you. I'm sorry because i'm going to get a shiet-ass mark for all my exams and never ever end up studying because i'm such a farking doofus that i have some rare unknown case of extreme ADD when its time tos tudy. I wish i was smarter and stronger and a better friend. I wish i was BALANCED and never stressed. I wish i wasnt weak and stupid and dumb.
But... "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride" so i pray that everything goes well and i PRAY and HOPE that my obstacles come tumbling down soon. [/rant]
^ part was scratched out for my personal benefit. If you can make out the words...great :) If you cant/or won;t bother that's awesome and THANKS for honoring my need to privately rant on the internet.
anyways just a note before i leave...
i was reading a topic on soompi today. about those "silly things girls/guys do when you have a crush" it was the CUTEST thing EVER. (besides that topic i read on "cute ways to ask someone to the prom" )
If any of you guys/girls are in denial that you're crushing on s/o or you need something to do, log in and read. Cute and sweet. :)
Love you guys and have a safe holiday <3

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