Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Okay so technically i was supposed to get this cut on FRIDAY so you guys could see it on MONDAY. But i just got it cut 2 hrs ago so bleh! plus my mummy paid for me so it's all good!

so there's my hair :) sorri for the crap quality but my camera spazzed out on me so i used my phone. (only a crappy 2 meg quality -_____-)
now all i have to do is straighten the sides and front (fringe) and attack the back with wax for styling purposes :D
maybe i should cut the back shorter...hmm...

anyways monday was YESTERDAY! went out yesterday with the stoners :D
was fun! fun fun! met up with Angela! (aiya you're so cute angela!) Belinda, Jamie, Jamie, Lei, Emerson, Irvin, Vicky, Rebekah, and loads more people! was like a friggin MOB! :0
met new friends! Lisa & Marsha, and Alice & Rebecca who are Vicky's and Lei's friends! and omo Lisa and Marsha noe Poni!!!! :O what a small world! haha but Poni's like connected so tis understandable LOL.
Had lunch first, then the girls + Lei split with the guys who went M9. Me, Angela and Belinda went shopping around for a bit then capitol ( cause OMG Belinda had never done them before!!!) and then met up with the rest of the girls (and Lei) at K2.
After that, went Y2K, saw BOnnie and Jess! :) then walked around, up to Kino (but lost Jamie & Vicky on the way) met up with everyone again and said bye to ppls leaving. then walked back down to market cty. on the way, met up with Caroline and Matt, then me and Jamie split with Vincent, Nick, Adam, Lisa, Marsha, Geoff and Emerson. Nick and Adam went to see The Eye, the rest went to play majhong.
Treated Jamie to krn ricecakes (drool) and we walked all the way to Martin place where he treated me to Lindt ice cream! then met up again (minus Nick and Adam) for krn BBQ for dinner.
It was a fun day. actually socialised a bit. had a decent convo with Nick (OMFG like....i thought he kinda hated me) and spent like three hours talking non-stop to jamie LOl. apparently i'm funny ^^
and Adam is really quiet... 0______0" should initiate a conversation...maybe :)
anyways will talk more later. right now i need sleep and to pee.
LOve you guys!
txt/email/call if you need me :P

PS does anyone know whose email is envy69@hot....." cause i have NO IDEA.

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