Wednesday, April 02, 2008

dooop doop dopper doop POO!

ahahah sarpies?
a happier blog today because Lei & Irvin keep saying that this blog is waaaayyy aggro ^^
anyways today was as uneventful as ever ><"
Had to play soccer for school sport with the yr 10'ers -________-"
they piss me off...... :T
the guys are shufffle/crip walker wannabes D: (like they frikin start randomly shuffling during a basketball game and they're NOT EVEN GOOD!) and....there's only like.....a couple girls. two are B**CHES and the other one is ....i dont know :S
anyways. one of the two B's (girls) called Erin smashed the ball into Belinda's hand DX stupid girl. paahh then i walked Belinda to sick bay and she got a bag of ice. (DAYM was that hand swollen!) and by the time we walked all the way back (the Sick bay is so RIDICULOUSLY FAR AWAY) to the oval, i didnt have to play soccer cause my team was already up and im not just gonna barge in on the game like that :D haha
but then Mr Spies made me play the next game and OMG he frikin 'roots' for me to kick the ball -____-"
i mean DUDE im BARELY walking! cant you tell i DONT want to play?
anyways Mr is pretty cool. He's my bio teacher tooo! so lenient and stuffs ^^ and funny :)

eng was a bludge....pretty much anyway. had to act out a scene of own choosing, teach gave us a REAL long one though but we never got picked to do it. Ryan's group (him, Sepanna?, Kevin and .....?) was good. funny :)
Eco was a bore. Me and Himakshi sat at the BACK BACK BACK row. just us two.... argh Mr Gipple is so ghey -__- can't even get the answer right to his own question. LAME-O! Geoff is like a puppy. LOL


oh and since loads of you were trying to figure out that list i wrote out in the previous blog...
i wont tell you what the names stand for (but they're NOT u guys!) but i'll give you three more:
A- i have a 'feeling' :(
Kn0-uhm.....this is still a pending...probably more neutral but inclination of hatred?
B-ugh NOT caring anyways XD
.....and yerp that wraps it up.
Now im off to do my eco essay and maths hw :X

P.S. Here's a pretty ulzzhang treat for you all :)
(from top to bottom: KKR (Kyungbin) and Eugin (i THINK she's krn but she was pictured in taiwan idol section)
Arent they just HOT? ...gawshies XD

OH! and yesterday i was super aggro (days come and go like that) so dont worry bout my ranting (the hate thing is actually a list i keep in my head though hahaha) and JAMIE! You're forgiven x10000000000000 and yerh :)

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