Monday, March 03, 2008

Tralala..for an ASIAN i sure SUCK at MATHS D:

heyyooo peeps.
Today i received the 'too cool' book/compilation of those stories from the writing competition (yes, mine is in there) hahah my story's all the waaaaayy at the back though and the book is like friggin 2kgs man! ><
So i'll be reading after i have time :)
Well, to recap....last last Saturday had a reunion with my St Pats friends :D was awesome and super duper fun~ lifted my spirits alot ^^ i've been feeling down lately ...cause of my abrupt stupidness...haha
This Sunday was going to go cty with them but yerh...they had lectures at Syd Uni (omg IM SO JEALOUS!) about how important yr 11 is and blah blah blah :) and the lectures didnt finish till 4 so cty was a no-no...too late la~
Anyways..starting to catch the sickness of the winter D:
Getting sniffles and coughs and random shivering more often than not. Hopefully it doesnt proceed to EXTREME circumstances *sigh*
Maths assignment due this Friday. Im gonna die. I can hardly get any of the questions done so stupid X_X
Was talking to Daryl the other day..(Saturday?) yerh..haha made me smile. He sed i was COOL. one says i'm cool...:D I felt so honored haha
Met up with Jess & gang last week (on Friday) and got FREE chips :]
but missed out going with Hurlsone gang to Livo. They bought Geoff a ipod shuffle (only $65 lol) so yerh now i gotta pay VIncent back $5 tomoro....IM SO POOR.
Please support the monkeii fund by donating or purchasing from her shop on SOOMPI. off to finish last minute hw now...
OH! I'm using that rice water whitening technique^^ become more light and asiany looking haha


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