Monday, March 10, 2008

SURVEY (Jess, Jamie, Caroline)

Well, this is mainly for Jess and Jamie (Fufu and Lee) but since Jamie is one of the only who reads said blog this is for you to look back on.
Cause i'm gonna tell you at school anyways.

So for the SERONII survey on SOOMPI.
Total cost: USD$137
(Shipping: $20, pp fee: $7)

I've calculated individually how much you guys have to pay in AU dollars.
Jamie: $60
Order: USD$45 + $8 shipping + $2.30 (pp fee)
Jess: $61
Order: USD$46 + $8 shipping + $2.30 (pp fee)
Caroline: $28.30
Order: USD$20 + $4 shipping + $2.30 (pp fee)

Don't bash the seller or anything if it goes out of stock and you dont end up getting it cause dude, shes shipping from friggin korea. Be FLEXI.
On another point: Shipping and pp fee costs have been distributed EVENLY. and my dad's paying for this so NO DISCOUNTS D8!!!! If you guys want to request survey buying send me the link and ill see what i can do. :)
On another note: there's an AU survey for
really cute site! If you guys want; ORDERS BY WEDNESDAY 12th paying by BANK DEPOSIT.
Chek to the right for my email (best to use gmail) to send me a msg :)
Love yas~!

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