Thursday, March 27, 2008

dum dee dumm dumm :)

OMG stupid Lawerence dissed my beautifool FRIED RICE!.....fag :P

anyways today Caroline had no schoools so got to sleep in and catch late train to school today ^^ also made my version of yummy fried rice! MONKEII STYLE! :D and i also had jelly this morning.
i recieved the scarves i bought from vintageislovex and they're so nice and soft :) am considering whether to give the blue one to pony now or when it's her birthday..hmmm

Today was..a bore? sigh....i wanna enter that essay comp but deadlines are too soon ><"
anyways everyone's doing the science comp ( EXCUSE ME if i DONT want to do it cause im waaaay too stupid and the only highest ive ever gotten in credit compared to your frikin high distinctions and distinctions!!!!!) and me and Joanne are the only ones not...Belinda too...maybe. anyways i WILL NOT GIVE IN! science SUCKS anyways HMPH! oh and i finished my Maths functions assignment in TWO DAYS :) fastest i've ever done it! (but took me three days if you count consistent answer checking :P) haha and i PAWNED Khoi in the last Q! LOL
i dunno how ANYBODY could get odd....><" but ill probably only just barely scrape by with...80% -____-

PEONY && Elie came over today! haha they so cool! but i couldnt go out with them cause im sickie...(in the stomach :x ) which sucks D: well got to spend quality time with beautifool pony anyways! helped her with analysing her poems (prepare for essay assessment) and OMG all schools are reading PORNO texts ><"
i mean one of her poems has stuff that supposed to symbolise sum guy having an.....erection :X and then all the plays in school everyones studying (but not my class :D) have GRAPHIC sexual references i mean...GOSH! arent you supposed to ask for parent's permission to distribute this stuff?!

aaaaaaaaaand.....AG assessment task next tuesday x_______X so dying young..from stress aiyaaa~!

oh and recounted money (i got payment from Zahra!) and so far i have saved up: AUD$170 and USD$52!
so total is around USD$200!!! :D

MUFTI-DAY tomorrow...hmmm what shall ii wear..??? <---topic of discussion this arvo with multiple ppls :)

and cant wait til Sat! (though i have yet to ask!) will be in cty 2pm-4pm and going K and binging on rice cakes :D anyone is welcome to join! (shall be me and my lil sis...have not yet asked older sis :X )

Love you guys <3 Shell

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