Friday, March 07, 2008

CO-ED schools SUCK. everyone's a B*TCH

Okay, so ******is s/o who apparently likes me. Why? i have no clue. i mean dude, me = super mean, ugly, a bumhead, stupid, idiotic, etc. etc.
So ****** cried at lunch today and why is it automatically MY FAULT?
You can blame me but you can't partially blame yourselves? Everyday for the past week, i've seen glimpses of him moping. You guys are on the SMAE FARKING PLATFORM and you dont even make full blown convos with him and the reason he's depressed is JUST CAUSE I DON'T TALK TO HIM THAT MUCH ANYMORE?
You guys are a bunch of hypocrites okay?
Do you guys even KNOW him all that well? NO. You DONT because if you did, he WOULDNT be like this.
Just because he likes me doesnt mean he's gonna be fan-farking-tastic that i talked to him when he's depressed when you guys are all yelling in the background: "Go talk to ****** Michelle!!!!"
It's inconsiderate of me, as a friend, to go talk JUST BECAUSE you farktards told me to.
I'm not gonna force myself, not in front of you losers that think: "OH! That guy is depressed. yerh it's because of the girl he likes who doesnt talk as much to him anymore."
How sad do you guys think he is? Maybe i dont talk to him because OH I DONT KNOW, YOU GUYS ALWAYS TALK TO ME. A guy doesnt go depressed and book counselling lessons because of one STUPID FARKING GIRL.
Yes, i am stupid, yes i'm an idiot, and sure, call me a b*tch because i noe i am. BUT GOSH, give him some credit! Do you guys even have a full blown convo with him daily? IF you guys don't why should i?
I'm not gonna lead him on when i dont feel the same way.
You stupid FARKING people should go watch how ACTUAL relationships work. EVEN MY LITTLE SISTER KNOWS BETTER THAN YOU SHITHEADS.
YOU GUYS ARENT WORTH MY TEARS. I'D NEVER CRY IN FRONT OF YOU. so i'll cry at home alone instead.

**Jamie, you are an exception to many many things.


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