Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tired and unsatisfied.

Hi all...or just a hi to myself....:)
yes...i AM that sad. sigh~
Today was sports day #2 of trm 1 08 @ the NEW SCHOOL.
was forced to do SCHOOL SPORT even if it was yr 11 preference. a load of bullshiet if you ask me but hey, i'm not complaining.....
played basketball (around 6? on each team). was Borders VS Day student ^^ hahah but one border on our (day) side. The people were really nice (besides the ones that didnt talk to me or anything~), like there was this other border girl there (only other girl) and she talked to me and stuff :) cant remember the score; but i think we won -_____-"
Anyways, got mistaken for a yr 7 student again. By the PE teacher guy. GOSH soooo SAD.
and i am the only one in the 'group' doing school LAME D:
Jamie's doing boxersize LOL! maybe she'll gain some muscles and beat up bad ppls! ;D

** Personal ranting space:
Yesh, a special section reserved for rants or depressing thoughts.
Well, today seemed really depressing for me.....maybe it's cause i'm annoying? ><
I'm starting to think alot of people don't like it intuition? Noi is cool ranting buddy haha... :)
Alot of people from before dont contact me as much at all anymore. Is it my fault? cause i don't visit them?'s not like they visit me right? .....It's all so confusing and jumbled....was listening to 미친 사랑의 노래 by Seeya (From their newest album; California Dream) and i ALMOST started crying......
Sister was a big b***h this morning but.....we all are allowed to be grubby sometimes right? ^^ and right now, the most depressing thought.....only JAMIE gives me one else gives me hugs....D;

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