Wednesday, February 13, 2008


annyeong ha se yo~!
So..... everyone fed up with school yet? :)
Well, I'VE MADE FRIENDS. i know i've broadcasted that news to almost every single person/media i could find but saying it helps me with my confidence haha ^^
and its only been THREE weeks and i already have a BAJILLION LOADS of homework to finish *sigh* on the brightside....MUFTI tomorrow~!

okay, so heres a recap of the week/s:
1: NO FRIENDS. me and Jamie and new girl Vicky as well. hanging around with Noi for a bit.
2: A few new friends~ all new kids as well :D essay to write; LOTS of maths. AG for the first time. Cow smell D:
3: MORE FRIENDS!!!! mostly new ppls :] very nice. talked alot. visited goats and pigs.

PIGS. Cute as PIGLETS ONLY. even then they're only marginally cute. they SQUEAL and EVERYTHING. terrible. but they're cute and small and...HAIRLESS D:
Goats were cool. CLEANER than the pigs by far :) THANK GOSH. i tricked them into thinking i had food for them LOl. so i could pat them....then they ran away -_______-"

anyways..this'll be short cause im off to nap for a bit (:
Soooo tomorrow is our swimming carnival. IM FINALLY IN A BLUE HOUSE. no more ugly green clothing ;D score for me~!
but no one cares and the themes are crap so its basically mufti and bludge for all those non-sport asians out there (yes that DOES include me).
oh and last but not least....


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