Friday, January 25, 2008


So how's everyone? ^^
Christmas was bland and New Year's was all spent at home~ welcoming, relaxing and staying up late on the computer..... yes- LAME.
SC results were beyond crappy and i was positively disappointed *sigh*
On to happier thoughts; ii got into HURLSTONE.
and in response on Wednesday 30th January 2008 i shall be attending HAHS officially as a SENIOR! :)
Newest news: I've gotten hooked on AGAIN. last year it lasted for around two months. until i got pissed at the backup/maintenance problems and abandoned the site until recently.
I've discovered the beauty of selling/trading/buying and i swear i'm hooked. ;D
so far i've bought three items, trading items and selling items~!
On another note; i'd like to promote Aishiiii designs!
Aishiiii creates and designs a range of really exquisite and uniques bags that can range from cute to classy to casual with elegance :)
If anyone wants to see what i'm currently pending on selling CLICK HERE.
I've just made another banner! My skills are improving or so i hope :D
It's of ANYBAND and there's a little preview at the very bottom of the page inside the red tablet thing.
aiiishhh i'm feeeling icky again~
hopefully ill post again before school starts but no hoping.
talk later people;

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