Sunday, September 23, 2007

long time NO SEE :]

so ive been busy.
trials are almost over and now im a HAPPY CHAPPIE! :]
Animania is coming up soon so ive gotta find a costume quick!
if anyone's going, im either wearing orange stripped knee high socks with a jap school-ish uniform or ive got a ruffled shirt and a fat face ^________^
currently: fixing up and updating my profile on soompi :D
Oh and for those who dont know, i go by 'Miki/Mici' now too.
so heres a few pics cause i dont want to leave such a short post.

my newest voodoo doll phone thing XD

ii like ROUND mirrors

inside dad's car. got bored :]

omg my 'effort' to look 'cool' :P

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