Monday, August 06, 2007


well today was quite tiring and always^^
Poni found this latin dictionary in the library so i brought it out and started flicking through it cause im such a curious person^^ and i found the word nox which apparantly means by night, in night, night ....or something of the sort. =]
and then i got my test mark back and i got 74% which im quite proud of cause in this test no one i noe got in the 90%s. except for Nhung whos really smart in maths...or so ive heard ^^
yeah and so i was happy cause i beat Anushuka by ONE MARK!!!! =O YAY! and Meme still beat me [cuz she's the SUPER BRAINIAC] and... i dont noe what Leyoung or Jess got so...
AND formal payments have been finalised and notes were handed out today about the account number and how to pay... yadda yadda yadda.
----------------->SHOULD I GO AT ALL????
RICE! If anyone is going you'll probably see me there! ...hopefully^^ i got the tickets today (for both the day and noght events) so im wishing im in the mood and im allowed to go on the two days! =] for more info about RICE:
There is also EXODAY but im not too sure about that.
sigh...nothing much else happened today and now ive got to get to work on my assessments so ill talk later!
bye! ^^

SeeYa 씨야 [korean]

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