Saturday, August 04, 2007

sleep, tests and family dinners

today was the 2008 Hurlstone Agricultural Selective Highschool Examination.
met up with jamie, meme, emily, noi, bettina and [after the test] poni^^
it was really stupid (in my opinion) because the whole entire test-save the last 30 min prt; was multiple choice. i mean, seriously! for english espescially; students should be tested on their ability to implement their thoughts and ideas in SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS.
when i sat down for the test i got so peeved as soon as i saw the HUGE multiple choice answer sheet. YES, IT WAS ALL MULTIPLE CHOICE.
GOSH. and to believe i studied all this time and wasted all that time doing notes for a MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST. (insert super angry face)
well, i think i used my time well (considering it was an essay+120 multiple choice questions for only 90 mins) and i hope i do make it =]
and OMFG i slept through dinner AGAIN! =O and i was supposed to nap just so i could eat it! ><
btw that happened yesterday and yerh.....

my study notes....

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