Tuesday, August 14, 2007


harlo -_____-
nothings been happening much since i last posted.
On Saturday, 11th was Rice which was alright but doesn't compare to EXODAY AT ALL!
i got hyped up for nothing. An hour [or half hour] before RICE finished i caught a train from olympic park back to Lidcombe and from there went to Central. i wasnt alone of course! [i was with Caroline and Dustin-her "BF"] and the reason why i skipped out on the end of RICE?? well.....Amanda's b'dae is on the 18th, Jessica's on the 20th and Jamie!'s on the 25th!!!! so now im totally broke from buying presents and very very tired.
Also met up with ALDO at the city and went parading around the city with him for an hour or two and had lunch/dinner. Poor Aldo bought laksa and it was too hot for him! hahahahaha
Whilst eating in market city, met up with Emily and her SUPER WEIRD "friends". THEY SCARE ME.
THEN i went with Aldo to buy Caroline a phone key-chain thing that she asked for and it was ALREADY DARK! stupid aldo took so long to finish his laksa! ><
After THAT Caroline started YELLING at ME to hurry up or we'd miss the train! So i dragged Aldo and Aldo dragged me and we ended up RUNNING FROM CHINATOWN ALL THE WAY TO CENTRAL! @___________@ SUCH A WORKOUT!
Alas, the fates were against us and i missed the train anyway. Stupid trains!
Got home around 7:30? and bonked out at around 1am. LOL
Sunday did nothing and on Monday [yesterday] i went all the way to wollongong to sit for the Smith's Hill Selective High School test. Which was a load of BULL CRAP! it was all multiple CHOICE and the maths was so basic i almost DIED OF STUPIDITY! there was also a GENERAL ABILITY TEST which was a FARKING PIECE OF SHIET.
Today went to school, burst out laughing at Amanda's foreheand [and ended up getting a BRUISE], got an estension on my media files and got pissed at these chicks on my maths table. WHO THE FARK DOESN'T KNOW WHAT VERTICALLY OPPOSITE ANGLES ARE?!
sigh.....im tired.

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